The SaaS, FinTech & Marketplace Admin Panel

A modern, self-hosted, on-premise admin panel for transactional businesses.

Install in less than 5 minutes

Open a terminal window and run this command (script here):

$ wget

Give it permissions so it can run:

$ chmod +x

Run the installer:

$ sudo ./ --run

Head to the server’s IP on port 3000 and connect to your app’s database(s). Done.

Start installing MissionKontrol here.

100% Self-hosted & Secure on your servers

Our product at a glance

CRUD tables

Full server-side searching, edit, create and delete on all tables.

Flexible permissions

Ensure GDPR, CCPA, DPA compliance with granular permissions.

Multiple databases

Connect to multiple databases simultaneously. Ideal for microservice environments.

Compatible with

Frequently Asked Questions

Rails admin and Active admin are brilliant gems if you’re looking to build an admin interface from scratch.

MissionKontrol allows you to build an admin panel without any coding. We looked at what some of the top startups in the world were doing and we’ve combined their knowledge into a pre-built admin panel.

Phpmyadmin is a great tool if you’re a MySQL DBA. However if you want to allow your customer support, retention or other teams to access user details you’ll need something a little more restrictive.

We’ve included the ability to control which records can be edited as well as the ability to show related fields. So if you’re looking at a user you should be able to include a list of events they’ve created or any other 1-to-many or many-to-many relationships that already exist.

Kuwinda runs in docker. However, our clever tech team have set it up so that all you need is a linux server and our scripts will install docker if you don’t have it set-up.

Four commands into the command line and you should be up and running!

Kuwinda is a self hosted app that runs on your server. It sets up a database on that server that it uses to store things like credentials, settings and other things that the app needs to run.

It also sets up a direct connection to your database. However, there’s no data shared with us and no connection back to home except to check if your license is valid and if a new version is available.

Of course, we’ve had experience at multiple high growth tech businesses working on back end systems, CRMs and ERPs. If you’d like to discuss how we can help get in touch.

Tell us! We want to hear all about it. We currently have a number of integrations in progress, if you let us know what you’re after it’ll help us prioritise and we can give you an idea of when it might be ready.

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