Manage your app’s data in one place.

Hosted admin panel up in minutes

Allow your team to manage all of your application’s data with granular permissions so that you can focus on coding and growing your business

Packed with all the right features

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    Full CRUD tables so that your team can manage all your app’s data
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    Role-based permissions system for actions, databases and tables to stay GDPR compliant
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    Create intelligent queues for your team to action so that nothing gets missed
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    Create views combining fields from different tables with a drag & drop builder
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    Connect multiple databases so that you only need to run a single admin panel
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    Supports MySQL & PostGRES other databases can be requested

How MissionKontrol works

Three simple steps to understand the architecture

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    Docker install

    We set-up on a server on your host and connect to one or more of your databases. Optionally install our data validation plugin.

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    Add users, set permissions and set-up your drag & drop data views.

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    See data directly read from your DB and perform CRUD operations directly or via webhook (coming soon).


Build an admin panel with MissionKontrol

Until now, building a self hosted admin panel for your application has been difficult and complicated – MissionKontrol makes it easy


Simple charts for the big picture

Our simple configurable dashboard allows you to monitor tables from any connected databases.

Keep an eye on table sizes or set them up to monitor business KPIs like signups and transactions.


Quickly manage any data in your application

A searchable table allows you to quickly find and manage any record in your application. We’ve tested it with millions of rows and it runs like a dream!

Easily link tables together so that you can see related data together and fully customise columns.


Control exactly who has access to each table

Manage user roles which cover what actions each group can take, as well as basic user management.

You can set exactly which tables each group has access to across each of your databases.

Easily link tables together so that you can see related data together and fully customise columns.


Own & control your backend from DB to code

What makes MissionKontrol truely special is that own everything. We release our code under an open source license. Not only do you keep your data inside your environment – but you also have full code control.

Unlike VC funded startups which pop up and shut down evey few years, with MissionKontrol you have zero external dependencies.

Single data view

MissionKontrol is a flexible admin panel

Linked tables

Show related tables within the view so that you can get the full picture of what’s going on in one place.

Activity history

Optionally enable comments, allowing your team to leave notes on any record.

Drag and drop editor

The drag and drop view builder allows you to show linked fields and tables in one place. Set which fields are editable to prevent any ‘mistakes’.


How to get started

MissionKontrol has everything you need to build an admin panel your team will love

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Have a look at our technical documentation.


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See our product in action and answer any questions you might have.

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