About us

Conceived and researched in 2018, first built-in 2019. MissionKontrol (previously Kuwinda) is a project we started after getting frustrated from tools we had available in our day jobs. We hope to take it full-time in 2020.

Whether that was underinvestment in backend admin tools or clients who didn’t know what good looked like.

Over the years we have spent an inordinate amount of time integrating systems that have no business (or willing) being integrated with each other.

We wanted to try and help reduce the chances that others might have to suffer.

Our values

We believe in openness and honesty. We’re big believers in the open business movement and transparency. We will build more on this over time but it’s something we’re keen to pursue and explore.


Camilla van Klinken, Tech

With a background in astrophysics and modern literature, Camilla moved into coding after a brief spell as a high school science teacher. She leads the technical side of MissionKontrol.

Duncan Malcolm, Product

Passionate about startups and tech, Duncan first got into tech in 2007 when he cofounded EveryCity. Since then he’s worked with household brands and startups helping them better meet their customer’s needs.