What is a layout in Kuwinda?

Layouts in Kuwinda are a powerful tool to show related data in one place. Kuwinda will look at an database’s schema and allow you to build layouts that meet your needs. Each table can have one layout (for now).

Key features:

  • Show fields from the primary table
  • Show one-to-many and many-to-many fields as tables e.g. Users against an organisation
  • Add comments/notes to a record
  • Make calls using Twilio integration

Example uses

For example, for a SaaS business, you can show the key information about an organisation as well as a list of all of that organisation’s users.

Equally, for a transactional business, you could show information about a user and all of the transactions that user has completed.

Finally, you could use these views as a CRM, customer support hub, compliance tracker or to assist with onboarding.

Activity feed/comments

Within layouts you can optionally enable commenting. These allow users to leave notes against records. These comments will be visible to all users.

If for example you have users who are part of an organisation you can link comments so that a comment against a user is also visible when you look at the related organisation.

Finally, comments are stored in the Kuwinda database which you can access within the docker container. This way you always have full ownership and control of your data.

Make calls

If you have added a Twilio account it is possible to make calls when on a layout. This happens in the browser and all calls will be logged in the activity feed against the user.

You can configure Twilio in the settings and there’s full instructions on setting up and using Twilio.