Feature Index

An exhaustive list of everything MissionKontrol can do


Instant integration

Just connect to your app’s DB and MissionKontrol does the rest. From all tables, views and queues MissionKontrol will update directly to your database.

Multiple databases

Rather than create an admin panel for each microservice or database you have you can connect to multiple databases from one instance of MissionKontrol.


Keep all your data 100% within your environment. MissionKontrol doesn’t send any of your data anywhere.

Data validation plugin

Install our data validation plugin to your app and we’ll make sure we create and update your data correctly.


We’re also working on webhooks for all CRUD actions so that validations etc. aren’t broken.


Granular Roles

We have full Roles Based Access Control for all databases down to table level for Viewing, Editing, Creating and Deleting data.

User management

Add as many users as you like and assign them to a role (team) so that they can access what’s relevant to them.

Grouped actions

As well as being able to set what data a user can access you can also set which groups of high level actions you want them to be able to do such as admin or editor.

Create teams

No matter how big or complex your organisation you can create as many teams as needed.

Granular control of editable fields

Even once a user has edit controls they can only edit the specific fields that you enable within each table.


Server side search

Quickly find anything in your data base with fast serverside search of all visible columns in the table.

Customise columns

Edit and arrange table columns to create layouts that suit you and your team. Show / Hide columns as well as re-ordering and sorting them.

Export data

Once you’ve found the data you need, export it as a CSV so that you can use your favourite spreadsheet tool.

Mass actions

Save time by selecting one or more rows to mass edit or mass delete rows.

Add records

If you need to add a record it’s quick and easy. You can also configure mandatory fields so that nothing crucial is missed out.

Nested related data

Show rows from related tables in any table so that you don’t have to hunt around to find what you’re looking for.

Editable fields

For each table set which fields, if any, you want your team to be able to change so that there are no unfortunate mistakes!


Drag & Drop Editor

Create views that bring together all in one place using a drag & drop editor, no coding needed.

Related tables

Working from a primary table for the view you can also include related tables to get full context in one place.

Activity history

Optionally enable comments on the view so that your team can leave notes and comments.


Queue editor

Create complex queries in a visual editor across multiple tables to create list of data for your team to review.

Update table on action

Set custom outcomes of hide or a field update depending on whether the queue item was completed successfully or not.

Hide from queue if unsuccessful

If your team is not successful at completing a task, say if they couldn’t get through to a customer, then you can set that item to hide for a set amount of time before it reappears.

Update table on action

Set custom outcomes of hide or a field update depending on whether the queue item was completed successfully or not.