Powerful CRUD tables

Fully configurable tables with granular controls. Allow your internal users to view, full text search, edit, delete and add records to tables in your systems.


Define which fields can be viewed, edited, created, deleted and exported per table.


Text search quickly finds all instances of a word, number or date in a table.

export (2)

Import / Export CSVs to quickly get to the data you need.


Edit and arrange table columns to create layouts that suit you and your team.

Add / edit records

Simple adding and editing of records. Configurable, as shown below is how this is done. We also have an SDK to ensure data validation.

Single Data View

Combine data from across your systems to create powerful single views of customers, transactions or other entities using our drag and drop builder.

Show key data

Build views using the drag and drop builder. Trigger external webhooks, inline editing of fields, call via VOIP integration.

Activity history

All interactions are logged to objects linked with the user that made the change. Optionally enable commenting.

Related tables

Show related data to the main object such as transactions or users.

Get started, three commands to install.

MissionKontrol is self-hosted, on-premise software that should take about 10 minutes to get set-up.

Intelligent Queues

Easily define queues

Make them available to the right users so that they can quickly action key friction points.

Easily define queues

Create new dynamic queues using our powerful rule builder. Simply set the criteria and the queue will self-populate.

Automate actions

Define actions from task queue outcomes such as removing from queue, webhooks or updating a field in your DB.

Permissions & Security

Granular Users & Roles

Control user group access to tables with broad strokes or granular view, edit, create, delete.

Multiple databases

Connect to multiple databases simultaneously, ideal for microservice or multi-technology environments.

Table level permissions

Set on a table-by-table basis which fields are editable by users with relevant permisisons.

Like what you see? Get it running in your environment.

MissionKontrol is self-hosted, on premise software that should take about 10 minutes to get set-up.