Welcome to the Ultimate Rails Admin Interface

Build a fully functional admin interface for your rails app in minutes. No coding required.

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CRUD Tables

We have built powerful CRUD tables that allow you to view, search, filter and even nest tables so that you can easily get to your data.

  • Full CRUD direct to database
  • CUD via webhook (Coming soon)
  • Server-side full text search
  • Configurable related nested tables
  • Export data as CSV
  • Set individual editable fields
  • Show/hide & re-order columns
  • Mass actions on records
  • All linked to RBAC permissions

Single data views

Build commentable layouts using data from tables and related data in minutes with an easy to use drag and drop builder.

  • Add fields from a primary table
  • Set which fields are editable
  • Add one or more tables of related data
  • Full CRUD functionality of related data
  • Enable/disable comments
  • Change tracking on fields
one page view or layout

Full user management & permissions system

We have built a granular Role Based Access System that allows you to create and manage access at a table level.

  • Add/remove/update users
  • Assign users to teams
  • Enable CRUD at database and table level
  • Enable admin/editor abilities per user
  • Enable/disable exporting
  • Set number of rows a user can export
rbac permissions

Other features

There’s more but you need to install it to really see what’s possible.

  • Intelligent configurable work queues
  • Multiple simultaneous DB support
  • Automatic schema detection
  • Open source gem to improve field validation & associations
  • VOIP integrations (Alpha only)
  • Webhook integrations (Alpha only)

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Open Source, full code available on GitHub.