When you want to launch, but your computer says no.

This was meant to be a nice picture of us working, to say that we are almost ready to get some people into beta (hopefully today!).

Instead (and this wasn’t planned) I look like I’m about to cry or something else. In a little way it’s also how I feel.

We wanted to be live for beta a couple of weeks/months back but have been held up by various technical challenges.

We have been working on:

  • Making the app simple to install (3 commands) using a script – Done-
  • Setting up licensing so that you can run the app, have trials etc – In progress
  • Updating documentation on the website – In progress

Once we’ve got the first beta version available to use we already have a list of bugs and fixes we want to deploy. But…we’d rather get live sooner than worry about perfection.

The beta being ready might even happen today!

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