Your honest feedback

We’re at that time where we’d really like some feedback on Kuwinda.

For each person that gives us more than 100 words (that’s about 6 sentences) of real feedback we’ll donate £10 to MSF. I’ll cap that at 25 donations to start with and will update this post with how we’re getting on…

We’ve had input from startups like PandaDocs and Yottamark through research phases but now we’d really love your help!

Not white smoke though…

…cold, hard, honest what you think about it. Don’t worry we won’t take offence no matter what you say.

If you have 5-10 minutes we’d really appreciate it if you could:

  • Have a quick look around the website, what do you think Kuwinda is, is anything missing/confusing?
  • Have a quick look at the demo, is it intuitive? Did you get stuck? What would make you download it?

That’s it. Either hit reply however myself or Camilla have messaged you or pop a note on the contact form here.

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