Kuwinda is now Mission Kontrol

We’ve decided to rename Kuwinda to Mission Kontrol. We feel that the new name better embodies what we are trying to achieve with the product.

So what are we trying to achieve?

We’ve got our sights on being a good admin panel.

We believe that by creating a good admin panel product that developers and businesses will have better control over their data and will be able to grow faster.

What does ‘good’ mean?

The definition of ‘good’ is really important. Our goal isn’t to be the market-leading solution rather build a well-engineered and well-designed product.

We’ve been clear from the start that we’re not really interested in taking on funding. We’ve seen too many companies die from poor decisions there.

Rather we want to build a sustainable business with a rock-solid user and customer base who trust us.

What’s next?

We’ve just released our first open-source library in the form of a RubyGem that will help improve data validation for admin panels.

We have some key features that are in development at the moment, you can see the roadmap here.

Finally, we’ll be working on updating this website to better explain what the product does and what we’re doing here.

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